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Thursday, September 23, 2004

The beauty of the swamps!

When I heard the word swamp, I thought about mud, slime, Shrek and unpleasant animals. Probably a lot of you share those impressions. Well, mine underwent a huge change yesterday.

Tom, Leslie, Miss Cindy and me went on a swamp tour at Alligator Bayou yesterday. We were still sipping on our drinks and waiting when the dogs started barking like crazy. Which means there's an alligator really close! So I went and had my first good look at a wild alligator! Those are not zoo animals, but really wild ones. That thought took a little time to sink in and it didn't make me feel that comfortable... I'm used to dangerous animals behind bars, not right underneath my feet! That male alligator was 14 foot tall, they tempted him with some chicken and he shot out of the water - VERY impressive!

The tour started with a walk around their compound. They have a fake swamp bassin with lots of animals for breeding purposes. The little ones are supposed to be set out into the swamp. They had catfish, snakes, a bullfrog and several huge turtles. Then we entered their area where they try to breed alligators. It's a big place with little lakes and seven alligators inside. You're not supposed to walk too close to the water, the alligator might try to jump at you! Strange feeling, but I certainly enjoyed it.

Then the swamp tour on the boat started. The swamps are beautiful! But now I have to finish for the moment, cause Leslie and I will get our nails done :) More when we come back!