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Saturday, March 05, 2005

Sharing wisdom over coffee

I love meeting my friends, spending time together over a cup of coffee or tea and talk. This is when we really share life. When we talk about what is going on in our lives, what is occupying our thoughts lately and what is going on in our society and the world. It is also a time to share advise and knowledge - about lots of things.
But I realized during this last week, that most women friends that I have coffee with are the same age and really often at the same point in their lives. Some are married already, some run a single household. Very few have children. Married life and especially family life is a whole new part of life. And it is so important. So we all need wisdom about that. (Jobs are as well! I just don't want to focus on that part now.) But it is not always found over that cup of coffee, cause my friends are more or less at the same point where I'm at.
In older times women used to spend more time with other women thorugh all the age groups. So wisdom from different stages of life was more easily and naturally imparted to ther women. We can all learn from each other, older from younger, married mothers from singels and the other way around. But we need the time to get together and share wisdom and coffee. There are women who would be great sharers of wisdom at my church, but we don't all kow each other and we are all so busy, it's hard to get together with them.
But I found my "coffeetime" with other women to share wisdom. And you know where? I found it here in the blogosphere. This may sound funny first. But there are a lot of great blogs out there by women sharing their wisdom about marriage, about family, about raising children etc. And when I sit in front of my computer, read their posts and join discussions in the comments section, it is (almost) like sharing a cup of coffee, have fun and get new ideas, more insights and a strengthening of my own beliefs (no matter if it is in agreement or disagreement). Even now though marriage and children are still in the future for me, I keep the wisdom they shared for later use.
So this post is actually dedicated. It is for my friends whom I share coffee and life with in cafes and in our homes. You are great. But it is also to those who share their insights on their blogs, my virtual coffee friends (if you don't mind me saying this). So, Amy, Molly, Jan, Shannon, Samantha, Marla and all those others that I'm still to meet, this is for you!