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Saturday, February 12, 2005

Falling at Jesus' feet

In our bible in one year readings we recently read the story of the woman who pours perfume over Jesus’ head while He is at dinner. This story made me think of two other gospel events, namely the woman who washes Jesus’ feet with her tears and Mary sitting at Jesus’ feet while He visits her, Martha and Lazarus.
And it struck me again: THAT is what I want. I just want to fall down at Jesus’ feet and worship Him. I just want to be close to Jesus, to sit at His feet and listen. I want to curl up at His feet and be at the best place imaginable (maybe that’s not very theological, but that’s exactly how I feel). Spending time with Jesus...
But what happens again and again in my life is that I get caught up in what I think a Christian should behave like, and what is allowed, and again my prayer life sucked, and how can I put more and better work into church events...
But actually those are not the things (at least not the only ones) that being a follower of Christ is about. It is also about a love relationship with Jesus and it is about spending time with Him and learn from Him.
I just want to fall at Your feet and worship, Lord.