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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Who is your role model # 2 - Career

Here is the promised next post about role models. I think everybody has or should have several role models for different areas of life. Most people offer a model in only a certain area of life – character, career, convictions etc. – if any at all. A role model in career questions is someone who should inspire interest in the job and passion for ideas. And make us work harder to reach similar professional areas, expertise, etc.
So I cannot offer a model for everyone – cause a lot will depend on your career plans and interests. There may be general models regarding work ethics, but I’m not writing about those now.
During the last year and a half I have been inspired mainly by two law professors. I do not expect or plan to be a professor of law, but I work as a junior research fellow in law, so it fits anyway. And those two men have done a lot of professional things that seems tremendously interesting to me. Both work in the field of international law, mainly human rights, humanitarian law, international criminal law and transitional justice (my main law interests). They have written extensively and excellently on those topics, but are also great teachers (I’ve had the chance to be taught by both of them at an international academy). But they are not confined to academics, but for example one of them heads an NGO working for the abolition of the death penalty and is a member of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission for Sierra Leone. In addition, they are very social and great with grad and undergrad students, which in this context means that they treat you as an equal when they talk to you (or have a beer with you) and are very much fun and interesting outside the classroom too. One of them even told me if he wasn’t a law professor he'd love to start his own orchard.
They inspire me by their writings and their professional achievements. And often (unfortunately not always...) that makes me work harder, but also believe in certain ideas and possibilities for the future.
I’d love to have comments telling me about your career role models!