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Thursday, January 20, 2005

Who's your role model?

Last Monday night at youth group (where I now help out regularly) we started a series on role models. So my friend Sarah, one of our youth directors, asked the teens about their role models. Maybe you can imagine what happened... These are high school kids, so it's important to be cool and to go with the flow ... As soon as one starts with a fun answer, most others will follow, so you won't really get serious answers. That's exactly what happened. According to their answers, role models of today's teens include superman, sponge bob, Pokemon, Homer Simpson, the list goes on. My first thought was: if that's true, our world is in a sad state!
Now I'm very sure that most of them have other role models (there are some in our youth group where I'm even absolutely convinved). Role models that they did not want to share, cause they were "serious" ones, or maybe they were afraid they would be loved at, or maybe after those responses the atmosphere was just not there for serious talk anymore.
But - maybe for some or even most it's true. Just think about if those were seriously their role models! I'm sure that there are some good traits in most of the characters answered - but it is definately not the answer I would want to hear from my kid! And even if it's not true for our teens at youth group, I'm unfortunately sure that there are a lot of kids and teens for whom it is true.
There is nothing wrong with having role models out of movies or books. There are some great role models out there. And it's not necessary at all to have a role model that's near perfect.
Or maybe those kids do just not want to model their life after anybody. Or do not want to talk seriously about life (and being a teen is no excuse for that).
I'm trying to answer who my role models actually are. So I might post about that over the next weeks. One answer's quite obvious, but I'll not go into that in this post :).
So, please post a comment and let me know who your role models are!