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Thursday, December 16, 2004

My favorite house

Posted by: coffeegirl
My favorite house
This is my favorite house in St. Cloud, MI. Everytime Jess and I drove into town I looked out the car window at exactly this place. So of course, I had to get a picture!
I love wooden houses. I guess that's my Norwegian influence due to growing up in Oslo. I just think they look great and they give you a cosy homelike feeling. They make me think of pumpkins on the doorsteps (that's a US influence, just check the pic), candles, cosy rooms, good food with lots of laughter and all the people I love. And they are part of all my childhood memories from Norway, stories of Astid Lindgren (one of my favorite writers) and belong into snowfilled Christmas landscapes...
I'm still dreaming of a white Christmas here...