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Monday, October 04, 2004

Very sportive ... and more politics

Thursday was sports day :). At least a little bit... In the early afternoon Helene, Jay, Nick and I went for a long walk in Highcliff State Park. We saw the Niagara ridges ( s atone formation continuing all the way through Door County to the Niagara Falls), walked along the shore of Lake Winnebago and just enjoyed being outside. Nick was in a carrier (like a backpack) for the first time and really enjoyed it. Later in the afternoon I accompanied Karen to her yoga class. It was my first time at Yoga and I was a little bit sceptic. But it was actually fun. I didn't know I was still that flexible!! But my body was aching the next day... (and still is).
To make up for that much sports we got us a huge bbq chicken pizza and watched the first debate between Kerry and Bush on TV. It was about foreign politics, so really interesting to me. Karen and I share most views on that topic and Bush/Kerry in general, so we had fun discussing alongside the candidates. In my opinion Kerry definately won the debate!