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Monday, October 04, 2004

Back to my favorite place!

Since sunday night I stayed with Helene and Jerry, Karen's parents. It was wonderful seeing them again after three years. And it was great fun.
Tuesday Jay, Nick and I went on a trip together - to Door County. I have been there in 2001 with Karen and her parents and I just love it up there. It is a small peninsula reaching into Lake Michigan. It is truly beautiful! It was the only place I really wanted to go back to while in Wisconsin.
We drove up the eastern shore of Door County. The weather was great, sun and some clouds. The leaves start changing already, it is a beautiful fall. Door County's landscape always reminds me of Scandinavia. Lots of trees and meadows, lots of lakes and tiny wooden houses. We stopped fpr lunch in Bailey's harbour and sat outside while munching hot dog (Jay) and a sandwich with smoked whitefish (me). Nick was in a really good mood too and enjoyed being outside.
Then we drove up all the way to Northernport at the northernmost tip pf Door County and took the ferry to Washington Island. On Washington Island most people have Scandinavian ancestors and that is very easy to spot. They even have a beautiful little stave church there! We drove to schoolhouse yard beach, a beach completely consisting of white stones, so the waves make a funny gurgling sound when they come ashore. It was VERY pretty.
Back on the mainland we stopped in Ellison Bay. One of my favorite pictures from there is a blue rusty old pickup truck filled with bright orange pumpkins in front of an abondoned white woodhouse. You also have one of the most impressing views of the coast from outside Ellison Bay. Our last stop was Sister Bay where we had dinner at the Sister Bay cafe - Norwegian Meatballs!
It was a wonderful day!!