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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

The beauty of the swamps - part 2

After the walk through their alligator breeding facilities, the "real" swamp tour started. A boat took us through a part of the swamps called Alligator Bayou. Of course we saw some more alligators and also nutrias and a wide variety of birds. Our guides explained a lot about how the swamps work, about nutrias etc. and did a lot of stupid jokes (ever kissed a nutria??). I wasn't really listening though, cause I was too busy with watching my surroundings. After cruising the bayou we entered a lake filled with mainly dead cypress trees. It was so quiet and so beautiful! The trees were covered with Spanish moss and water hyacints were growing everywhere. A flock of white birds started to fly ... I lack the words to really picture it for you.
We continued our cruise and then were allowed to walk a bit while they showed those interested a snake and two tiny alligators. Most of the other people were really focusing on that. But meanwhile the sunset had started. The sky turned all red and orange, the colours reflecting on the water and the dead cypress trees standing out against the sky. That image will surely stay with me!