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Tuesday, December 07, 2004


Blogs keep me more and more occupied :). It's actually a lot of fun to check out other people's blogs. Not just your friends' - that's awesome and a good way to keep everyone updated. But it's really fun browsing blogs of whoever ... I've read some that friends linked to their blogs (especially Cheryl, her suggestions are defiantely worth more than one look) and some I found by coincidence or through other links. So many people got cool thoughts and funny random information to share. And maybe it's really a thing for curious persons who love people...

I found this blog "bodeguita" by coincidence and I love having a look there. It's photos accompanied by poems - really cool stuff. Unfortunately it's in portuguese (I guess...). Anyone able to read portuguese?? I'm not, but that doesn't keep from having a look once in a while. It's so beautiful and interesting, it's worth it anyway. So everybody have a look (the link's in the sidebar)!