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Friday, July 08, 2005

Back soon ...

I'm leaving this afternoon to Mannheim where my grandma lives. She's just out of hospital after about four weeks and my mum's staying there to help her settle back into her place. And it's my mum's birthday today... And I'm off to visit them. It will be fun (Greek food tonight, yummy).
Then on Monday I'm leaving on a worktrip for three days, listening to students' papers about the concept of human dignity in our constitution, abortion and our constitution, assisted deaths and our constitution etc. Might turn out quite interesting.
So the result will be: hardly any blogging until next Thursday. Then I'll continue with my series about youth groups, share about my trip to Brussels last weekend etc. and comment on your blogs again :)

By the way, my haloscan comments are acting weird. There are actually more comments to the posts than the number behind "comments" indicates. At least when I check my blog the numbers and comments don't fit. So check the comments out to be sure you didn't miss any.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!