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Friday, July 22, 2005

Looking forward to homemaking

Molly and Jenna at Choosing Home have another article drive. The topic this time is "Home-Making". This is my contribution to the drive.

Maybe my perspective is slightly different than the one of most of you. There’s a very simple reason for that: I’m not married yet and don’t have any children either.
I live in a single apartment and work as a junior researcher at university. So therefore there is not very much homemaking right now, but there are what you could call beginnings.
My beloved spends quite some time at my apartment and I at his. So we are trying to make our own places home for both of us. (He got lots of good taste for decorating!)
What does this include in practice for me? It means that I try to not let my place get to cluttered cause that’s not very comfy or inviting. (And believe me, that’s a fight sometimes...) It means that there is always space for him. That there is always some snacks, drinks etc. at my place that he likes. And, of course, it includes cooking and baking. I love to cook, so generally I really enjoy preparing meals for us – from the ordinary to the fancy. It’s a pleasure for me and it’s a joy to see how he likes my food. Both of us love good food (good, not necessarily expensive). He cooks for me too sometimes and he’s a really good cook too.

Quite often now, I have come across the criticism that “higher education” and work will keep a woman from her calling to be a homemaker. Well, this is true for some, but it is not true for all. It is not the trend of our culture to admit the desire to be a homemaker (just shocked some students a few days ago when I told them ;)). But I know quite some ladies who studied at university or worked for quite some years and still have always desired to be homemakers and to have a family. They do by now.
I am looking forward to be a homemaker. Already now. Looking forward to make a place into a “home” for my beloved and any family there might come. And so I pursue homemaking interests at the same time while being a part of the working group. Just learned how to sew a skirt, for example. Widen my knowledge of recipes (have I mentioned that I love food?). Learning from all of your blogs and learning from my friends who already are homemakers.