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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Real man wanted

Miss O'Hara has a great post wondering why there seem to be hardly any good men. Here are some quotes for you:
"Females in our culture are just as responsible for the hook-up, prosti-tot, irresponsible me-first, sex-focused culture as men are - if not more so. I don't care WHAT you think: women are the keepers of morals in any society. As the females go, so goes the whole nation. When women demand to be treated well, the society will be conducive to marriage and fidelity. However, when women lose their morals and abandon virtue in order to turn to narcissism and sexual libertinism, the same will happen to the culture at large. We can thank the feminists for much of this."
"No good woman wants a permanent boy who kow-tows to Mother and expects his wife to be Mom, too. No good woman wants a husband who cows before her, who can't tell her to sit down and let him handle things, who will let her run things. That's the way it is. A real man won't do any of that - and he'll be tender, loving and protective besides. Crushing a boy's masculinity won't get him anywhere good, unless you're hoping he lands a starring role as the feather-boa wearing flamboyant in 'Rent'.
Start raising men again, not permanent children."
I can only cheer her on. Go over and read the whole thing.