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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Lent reading

Over the weeks of Lent I have been re-reading "The Jesus I never knew" by Philipp Yancey. It is one of my favorite books, I go back to it quite regularly.
It sometimes amazes me that after having read the Gospels many times, there are still connections and things about Jesus I have never realized or that have slipped my mind again... Although maybe that is just human? Of course I know that we can never fully understand Jesus, but I enjoy learning about and from Him more and more as a way of getting to know Him better.
Seriously, go and read the book. :)

Now I started Yancey's book "What is so amazing about grace?". I'm really exited ... I want God's grace to be more real in my life and also in my relationships with others instead of just being "head-knowledge".

Have a blessed Holy week!

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