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Monday, October 16, 2006

Happy pigs

The 3rd of October is the German national holiday, so my beloved and I used that day for a short but fun trip. We really enjoy going on short trips around Bonn. First we visited a small village close to the Belgian border, Monschau. It is very pretty, but very touristy too.
Then we drove into Belgium and toured the Ardennes (a mountain region spanning Southern Belgium and part North-Eastern France). We enoyed small streets, rivers and hills. And we tried to hunt for monuments - there were signs for them, but we were unable to find them. But one such hunt led us high up the hills to a tiny village and those happy pigs on the picture. Aren't they cute. They were definately enjoying the outdoors, eating good natural food and having hardly any stress related to those over-crowded facilities pigs are usually held in nowadays. And happy pigs make good meat :).
Last Friday I bought a cookbook (as you know i'm almost addicted to them) which only features recipes for pork. It' s written by a butcher from the French Ardennes. So we had a casserole of mashed potatoes, fried onions, bacon, hazelnuts and black pudding. Yummy! (Hope this doesn't gross you out too much ;).