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Saturday, June 11, 2005

Vive la France

Posted by: coffeegirl
Vive la France
This is a picture of the cliffs and the Mediterenean Sea at Gigaro, France. It's actually the view from the beach where we spent quite some time.
We had a wonderful vacation, two weeks of sunshine, sea and lots of outdoor activities. We always had breakfast out on the terrasse from which one has a view on the sea and two islands. Markus' parents were still there when we arrived, so we spent one evening together with playing boules, walking down to the beach, wine and good conversation.
After breakfast we went down to the beach if we went there at all and stayed for a few hours. The water was really refreshing, especially during the first week when it was still quite cold. We also went to other beaches, at Cavallaire and at St. Tropez.
But we really enjoyed the tours we did.
We visited St. Tropez during the day once and walked around the cemetary (that may sound strange, but it's right at the sea and quite beautiful) and the fortress. Of course we had Pastis at Senequier, a famous cafe right at the harbour.
We also did a hike up and down the mountains behind Gigaro to the sea and then along the cliffs with some swimming at a beach that can only be reached by foot or boat. The scenery was gorgeous, but it was really exhausting... My face was bright red afterwards, I seriously need to work on my fitness!