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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

What's that for a solution?

Flames are rushing through the house. Smoke is dense everywhere. The house is completely destroyed by fire. The victims this time are a pregnant mother and her two children and another family, the mother pregnant with twins. The rest of the inhabitants of that house are lucky and safe. They are immigrants from Africa, probably half of them illegal.
This is the third time in five months that a Parisian house inhabited by poor African immigrants is destroyed by fire and many people dead. These poor (sometimes illegal) immigrants live in horrible conditions. No running water, no electricity, far too many people living in one house.

The French Secretary of the Interior, Nicolas Sarkozy, sees the reason for these fires in the fact that all these emergency shelters for the poor are overcrowded. Yesterday he came up with a solution: all these shelters should be closed.

Can anyone explain this? What is supposed to happen to the poor who live there? Who need these shelters? If they just crowd into other, maybe abandoned buildings, the risk of fire will surely not decrease... Or are they supposed to live on the streets?
(Source: FAZ)