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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Interview with Agent Tim

Maybe several of you have heard or read about the situation of homeschoolers in Germany. Several parents in Paderborn have lost custody in educational matters of their children because of their insistance on homeschooling them. Also others are facing trouble with the legal authorities because of homeschooling. You might wonder why that is a problem. The answer is: homeschooling is illegal in Germany.
There have been quite some discussions on blogs, quite some concern and interest sparked.
After reading one of my comments on Spunky's blog, Agent Tim contacted me and asked if we could do an interview on homeschooling in Germany (legal situation, how does society see homeschooling, the government etc.).
This interview is up now, you can read it here. Make sure to head over and read it. And be sure to drop Agent Tim or me a line if you have any questions or comments or just to let us now if you liked it. I hope you will enjoy it even more than we did.

Thanks to Agent Tim for taking this up and providing a space for information and discussion!