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Thursday, August 11, 2005

On the hunt

I'm prowling along the empty and broken lockers on the upper floor of the law faculty. But I cannot find it. An hour later I'm slowly walking along the M√ľnster, checking all the low window sills. But, alas, I am still unsuccessful. I cannot find it here either...

I'm on the hunt...

By now you hopefully cannot wait for the answer. What I am hunting for - for a book.
BookCrossing seems to be new "game", spreading all over the world. But how do you play? You register a book at their website, paste the register code and instructions in the book, and release it into the wild. So you leave it somewhere where other people can find it and take it home to read. So it'S a fun way to share a good book. The finder will hopefully enter the code at the website, so you will know it's been found - and he will also enter later his point of release of the book. So your book might travel farther than you've ever been...

And you can also go bookhunting. People just leave some hints where they left the book and you can then try to find it. It's really fun - and exciting. Like a treasure hunt for grown-ups!
Books are left everywhere - on buses, in churches, on the streets, in parking garages, in banks ... everywhere imaginable.

I'm hurting though when I think about those several books somebody left in our beautiful park a while ago that haven't been found - it has been raining here the whole last week!

HT to my friend Megen!