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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Good times after bad days

There are days where I feel that almost everything is going the wrong way. Too much reading still to be done for my PhD, my boss promised lots of work after his return from vacation, forms to be filled out (I seriously dislike filling out forms), it’s been raining for days, we’re nervous cause my beloved is expecting the written results from his bar exam (arrived today – they’re real good, yeah!!), unintentionally spending too much money, ...

But a quite nervous or stressed or bad mood can be changed by good times – and it is so easy to have good times! How often I forget that these cares are not what is important to me in my life (well, the results were important to us!). What is important: my beloved, my family, my friends and Jesus. And these give me such good times! Right in the middle of all that’s stressful or sad or crazy. Good times I had the last days:
Worship service last Sunday; vacation’s about over, so most people are back. It was contemporary worship Sunday and we had a wonderful time worshipping our Lord and enjoying each other’s company.
Scrapbooking with two great friends on Sunday evening.
A motivating phone call by a friend when I was really frustrated at work.
Always good times with my beloved!
Sitting in my room with my beloved reading 84, Charing Cross Road and drinking a little bit of Laphroig.
My mom coming over for lunch and good talks.
Dinner with some of my girl friends, laughing so hard.
Talking to a friend in hospital who just had her first child.
Despite of all the cares I first mentioned: life is wonderful!