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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Full of truth and grace

Just a little thinking and dreaming (not very profound, I'm typing this out during a short break in studying criminal law for my legal bar).
The church I would love to attend ... It should be a place which is full of truth and full of grace. A place where people will hear the truth. Where they will learn more about our God and all His attributes (not concentrating only on one of them, like "only" His love or "only" His holiness). Where they will learn to love God's word and to live according to it. Where there is room for sermons which teach profound theology, but also spell out how to live it. A place where people can be who they are - and where they are loved and accepted. Where they are also lovingly corrected. Where people truly love the Lord and love each other.
A church where there is room for the family with ten children and the family with no children. For the married and the single, the old and the young. A church that is open for the doubting and hurting and the ones who seem different. Where they can experience God - through His word, but also through love and grace extended by His people. Where the young single mother is welcomed, and the guy who is tattoed all over, and the alcoholic and the business man and the lonely elder lady...

A church full of love, truth and grace.

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