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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Help for Katrina victims

My friends from Baton Rouge, LA are safe! (And now in Germany for their Master degrees.)

We just talked and agreed that it is so hard being so far away from all the desaster and that we really feel the urge to help. We do not just want to look at all these horrible pictures and then keep on with my nice life.
I just found something though that even we - in Europe - who are farther away can do besides donating money. (Please donate!) A big pink cookie collects knitted baby and toddler wear. So if you can knit, please do so. The adress to send it to can be found here. I am seriously tempted to learn how to knit baby socks! And I have a friend who is awesome at knitting, so I'll make her teach me.
You might think there are more important things to do than to knit baby socks right now. Maybe you are right. But to the mothers who will receive them, they will make a huge difference!

The mother of one the members from my congregation works as a counsellor in a shelter in San Antonio, TX. She asked for bible donations. So if you are interested in donating a bible, please email me (links in the sidebar) and I will get the adress for you.

Help for Katrina victims starts pouring from everywhere. Evacuees from New Orleans and other places now live in shelters all over the US. The Astrodome and Relient Stadium in the US have become the largest shelters in the US ever. Lots of facilities are planned for the more than 24.000 people now living there.
So many people start to help - with donations, with prayers (praying does help!) and practical help. There are barbers from Houston offering free shaves and haircuts in the shelters. This may sound funny, but it is helpful: so many of these people need to start a "new" life and need to apply for jobs. Nice haircut makes a nicer impression... Kids sell lemonade on their street and raise between 47 and 1000 $. Other people offer rides into other States to reunite families. Others provide clothing, food, bibles, toys for children ...
For some first-hand stories that are so moving check out this blog: Voices of Katrina!