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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

More summer blessings...

I have some serious posts brewing in my mind and am anxiously awaiting news from friends in Baton Rouge, but this was on the forefront of my mind today.

Although my heart hurts every time I watch footage on the Katrina disaster or think about the people down there, I want to share some more daily life blessings. Even or maybe especially in view of tragedies our appreciation for all of God’s blessings in our own lives is strengthened.
Summer blessings this past week:
Going for a walk in the beautiful Ahr valley and enjoying the local wine accompanied by fresh bread from the stone oven with simple spreads (sausage, cheese, lard). Simple things can be so good!
Youth group started again: chili and a great game of capture the flag. I’m excited for things to come.
Drinking cider at an Irish pub’s beer garden (twice last week).
Sitting in the garden (studying!!), smelling the hot summer grass, watching butterflies and a squirrel.
Visiting friends and adoring their new-born baby son, having great food and fellowship.
Celebrating exams.
Coffee outside with a great friend, talking and spontaneously sharing dinner.
Sitting outside with my beloved and my parents, laughing, having good times.
Church kick-off Sunday, so many people, great weather, many interested in our small groups (yeah!).
A lady at church telling me I had a knack with kids and wishing me seven (!) of my own.
A whole Sunday afternoon spent outside, at the Rhine, in the city, enjoying being with my beloved.
I am blessed.