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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Spotlight on Darfur 1 is up!

Although we are all shocked by what happened in the Gulf region in the US and suffer with the people there, it is important to remember that people suffer all over the globe.
One of these other areas is the province of Darfur in Sudan. Horrible atrocities have been committed there over a long period of time and there is not really any relief to be seen so far.

Therefore Catez at allthings2all had the great idea to hold regular spotlights on Darfur with posts from a wide variety of bloggers. And I am glad to announce that Spotlight on Darfur 1 is up! The spotlight contains reports and views on the Darfur genocide crisis from 14 diverse bloggers. We do not represent any one group or organisation and all share an intention to keep the spotlight on Darfur.

So please head over and read all the contributions, these are really good posts!

(Picture courtesy to Agent Tim)