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Thursday, July 06, 2006

More soccer

Now the soccer World Cup is almost over. Tomorrow Germany and Portugal will play against each other for 3rd place. Germany lost against Italy 0:2 on Tuesday. During the game it was absolutely quiet on the streets. Almost everyone must have been glued in front of the TV or one of the public screens. We thought they'd made it to the final, because regular playing time and the additional time of 30 minutes were almost over. The next is penalty scoring - and as one newspaper titled: that is a German discipline ;). But unfortunately the Italians scored two goals in about the two last minutes... Oh well, but our team did an awesome job! The final on Sunday will be Italy vs. France.

My sister and I went to see a game in Cologne: Czech Republic vs. Ghana. There were so many Czech fans, but most of the Germans rooted for Ghana. And they won 2:0! It was a great experience to be at such a big game. On the picture you can see me standing in front of the stadium in Cologne holding my ticket and sporting my German team shirt.