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Saturday, December 23, 2006

I'll be home for Christmas

I'm going home today to spend Christmas with my parents, sister and grandma. We always put up and decorate our tree on the 23rd. That's rather typical for Germany - it's either the 23rd or even the 24th. Then the tree stays up until after the day of the magi.

I have always loved the Christmas season. It has never again been as exiting as when I was a little child, but it is still a wonderful season of the year. Although I definately miss the snow... far too warm around here this year.

So when I go home for Christmas, I still do certain things and read certain stories which were part of my Christmas as a child. They are still dear to me and belong to Christmas.
No. 1 is decorating the tree. I still enjoy doing it and I've never (!) missed it.
Then there are some old books I reread every year at least in part. They were my mom's when she was a child and one is from her grandma even, I think. Just sweet old stories about the Christchild (who brings the presents), about helping others, ... And I love "A Christmas Carol" by Dickens.

On Christmas Eve we will attend church in the late afternoon. Then my dad will light the candles on the tree and all the other candles in the room, everybody will be waiting outside and then he will ring a bell and we can enter. It is good that some things never change - even if you reached the age of 30 :).

Have a blessed Christmas!