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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Advent season

Now the month of November is almost gone and December is at the door. The season of Advent will begin this weekend, a season of darkness and increasing light, a season of waiting and preparing ourselves for the birth of our Savior. Did you know that in all four gospels Christ is called the Savior only twice? The first time He is announced as the Savior by the angel who appeared to the shepherds (Luke 2:10). Savior - what a wonderful word!
We always have an advent wreath which by the lightening of more candles each Sunday points us to the arrival of Christ, our light in the darkness of this world.
This is the first advent in a long time where I only work 9 hrs. a week, but there is so much to do before I start a full-time job in January... Still I want to keep myself focused on what Advent and Christmas are really about, to keep it introspective and directed towards the good news the angel proclaimed on Christmas.
We just started decorating our place, so here are two peeks for you:

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Friday, November 09, 2007

Reformation day treat

Ligonier Ministries had a special offer on Refomation day. They sold the Reformation Study Bible for a reduced price. I've been thinking about ordering it for a while now and so I just couldn't resist... It arrived on Wednesday and I am really exited.

Although I sometimes wonder what exactly is the attraction of a new Bible. The Word of God does not change. God remains the same - yesterday, today and forever. The same is true for His word. That is so comforting! Maybe the attraction is the pristine pages. No hand-written notes yet, no colored line next to verses ... A new look at familiar passages and stories. Also new study notes at the bottom of the pages and new articles about special topics. Can you tell I'm exited?

Btw in the background on our coffee table you can see a little fall decoration I put together. I love fall :).