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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Musical memories

I really enjoy music. And I like quite different styles too. But sometimes I think I just like a song because of the memories associated with it. If I heard such a song now for the first time, I might not even like it very much (maybe I would, but anyway...). But as it is there are so many important things connected to this song that listening to it evokes special feelings.
Here are some of the songs I really like that might fall into the above-metioned category :)
  1. "It is finished" by Petra. This song was part of my very first Christian music cassette shortly after I became a Christian. Need I say more...
  2. "In the kingdom" by Whitecross. Same cassette. Btw I do like rock music :)
  3. Worship songs from the late 80s - early 90s. These songs were my first songs, the songs we sang at my first bible study group. With most of them, I do not know the English lyrics cause we always sang them in German, but here are some: More love, more power - Victor's crown - Oh Lord, your tenderness. These are still part of my favorite worship songs.
  4. "My Heart's Cry" (St. C. Chapman) - such a touching song!
  5. "Don't let the fire die" (St. C. Chapman)
  6. some old songs by Carman (definately in the category of memory-related...) like "Our turn now" or "The third heaven" - the latter one still gives me goosebumps though