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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Wedding

We've been married for six days now! The wedding was beautiful and so much fun. Although we were a little worried the day before. It didn't rain - it poured! For hours water came down, thunderstorms raged and a town close by Paderborn was flooded... But on Friday morning after a little drizzle from the sky, it stayed dry for most of the day.

In the morning we prepared the car which would take us to the town hall. My DH's (yeah - can use that abbreviation for the first time :)) brother drives an old-timer, an old French Citroen DS. Then it was already time to get dressed ourselves and off we went. We forgot my flowers, but fortunately a cousin living next door brought them to the town hall. Everybody started arrving. Quite a lot of friends decided to take the two-hours drive to Paderborn to celebrate with us. My Matron of honor just made it on time!

Then the ceremony began. Of course a civil wedding ceremony speeds by. It took only about 15 minutes, I guess. But the lady conducting our wedding did a rather nice speech and was all friendly. The room was really pretty, the building is quite old. I couldn't stop smiling for a minute. After publicly confirming that each of us wanted to marry the other one, it was time to exchange the rings and of course for a kiss!

Here my DH places the ring on my finger. Then I signed the official documents for the first time with my new name. I still have to get used to it!

Here are our rings:

Afterwards we celebrated right outside and took loads of pictures. And we had to wait for the next couple - our friends got married half an hour later (by coincidence!).

This is a picture of both our close families together.

This is my Matron of honor, pregnant with her third daughter. I wish you could all get to know her!

And here we are with our car!

The bride and groom!

Then we left and continued to celebrate in the garden of DH's parents. The lady in front is my sister! She came all the way from Munich by train... We always have lots of fun together :).

Our wedding cake! And our great friend who made it herself. She'll bake the wedding cake for the church wedding too. It looked great and tasted delicious (chocolate & orange cake).

The cutting of the cake

It was a wonderful day. I am so thankful. God has blessed us so much!

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