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Friday, September 23, 2005

That simple trusting faith

First of all: I’m glad you are still checking my blog althought I haven’t posted for quite a while! I tried to be very busy with my PhD and cut down internet use (added 20 pages to my thesis, yeah!).

But even through that work of writing and thinking, I kept reading non-law related books. I love reading and I always need to read something besides my work stuff. One of the books I read was "Prisoner and yet" by Corrie ten Boom. She was a devout Christian who lived in the Netherlands during its occupation by the Nazis. At that time she was already an elder lady living with her father and sister. Although it would have been a lot safer to live a quiet peaceful life, they decided to not turn a blind eye on the horrible things that happened, but to help. Therefore their home became a hiding place for Jews.
But alas, somehow they were found out and imprisoned by the occupying forces. Her dad only servived his imprisonment by 10 days. Corrie and her sister Betsy were transferred to a prison camp in the Netherlands and later to the concentration camp Ravensbrück in Germany. The book tells about her life from the moment they were found out and their time in the concentration camps. It is a very honest and moving book and I highly recommand it to all of you. What struck me most is how her faith sustained her through all the horrible times in the camps. She always kept trusting Jesus that he would help her through and protect her. And her hope in her heavenly home was continually strengthening her. Corrie and her sister became a blessing to many amidst the horrors of the concentration camps. Corrie led secret worship services, prayer meetings and bible studies. She and her sister were always there for the other prisoners, leading quite some to Christ. Even after her sister Betsy died, Corrie held fast to her faith in Jesus. She was released before the war was over and returned to Haarlem where she had lived. Although she thought she would never go back to Germany, God had a different plan and she often went back after the war to teach about forgiveness and reconcilitation.

When I read about her constant faith and trust in Jesus, always coming to him with every need she had, big or small, in prayer and trusting in his loving care in those circumstances, I know that this is what I want. A faith that always turns to the Saviour, with every care. Trusts in him completely. And a firm hope in the heavenly home to sustain.