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Sunday, December 09, 2007

Christmas meme

Mrs. Darling posted her own Christmas meme on her blog. So here are my answers:

1. What is your favorite Christmas carol: Ich steh an Deiner Krippen hier (I am standing at your manger) by Paul Gerhardt who wrote many German Protestant hymns.

2. What is your favorite secular Christmas song? Spontaneously "I'm dreaming of a white Christmas". It hardly ever snows here on Christmas...

3. What is your favorite Christmas movie? The Muppet Christmas Carol

4. What is your favorite Christmas memory growing up? Christmas in Norway with lots of snow and looking at picture books while sitting in a nook behind the Christmas tree.

5. Do you shop early or a you a late shopper? I want to shop early, but then suddenly it's only two weeks until Christmas... WAH!

6. Is your tree real or artificial? Real of course!

7. Do you still put tinsel on your tree? Yes, but only silver tinsel.

8. Do you read the Christmas story every year on Christmas day? I read it on Christmas Eve, but by myself. At our home we did not have this as a tradition. I hope to do this differently in my on family.

9. Would you consider yourself to be a grinch? I have to admit that I never watched the movie or read the book...

10. Are you more like Scrooge or Father Christmas? Father Christmas, I think.

11. Do you make homemade gifts for friends and family? Sometimes I do and sometimes I don't.

12. What was the worst Christmas present you ever received? I don't remember although I'm sure something would qualify...

13. What was your favorite Christmas present ever? The engagement ring I received last year :).

And I'll skip no. 14 because I don't have any kids. So feel tagged everyone and if you do the meme, leave a comment please. I'm looking forward to your answers!