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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Things to eat before you die

While browsing through one food blog after another I came across a Guide to the Globe - Things to eat before you die at the Traveler's Lunchbox. This list includes 1665 items (foods and dishes at restaurants) although some items are named several times as the list is made up by many different bloggers. I have always loved to eat and to try new kinds of food, so I thought I'll try and check how many foods on this list I've tried already (can you tell I'm lazy today?):

11. butter and garlic (love them, love them, love them!) 12. Cheese 13. Sushi 15. Foie gras (French goose liver paté, mentioned often in the list) and escargot (snails) 36. Deep-fried alligator (in Baton Rouge) 43. anything with cinnamon or lemon 45. Blueberries picked and eaten directly from the bush (as a child in Norway) 49. Cheesecake Factory Cheesecake (all by myself underneath the Hancock building in Chicago) 78. Muffaletta (mine wasn't from Central groceries but at Napoleon's in New Orleans) 83. venison 85. Fried Okra /squash / eggplant 87. Spanish tapas 88. Fresh porcini 90. Wild salmon 91. Italy 92. France 93. Spain 103. Fresh raspberries straight from the bush, still warm from the sunshine 106. Mussels 124. Freshly made chocolate mousse 126. Bouillabaisse 127. Wild Strawberries 141. Morrocan Couscous 144. Flammkuchen 159. Real bread 177. Beignets from Café de Monde, New Orleans 181. a raw oyster, just opened and slurped from the shell 198. Corn on the cob 199. Artichoke 216. Squeaky Wisconsin Cheese Curds 217. Fresh figs 240. Parmigiano Reggiano 261. Picking the bits off a chicken carcass 265. Any meal with friends 274. Champagne 275. Daim candy from Sweden 281. Seafood Gumbo 295. Apple Cider 311. Brunch 322. Reindeer 323. Prosciutto 324. Crème brulée 329. real French bread 343. Fried zucchini 346. Rösti 348. A slice of "Zopf" covered with butter and honey 349. An apple fresh off the tree 354. Chocolate gelato 356. Tapenade (Black Olive paste) 359. Pesto 360. Pralines (Belgian!!) 371. Trattoria/ristorante-style pizza from Italy 372. German-style roast pork knuckle (of course :)) 379. Belgian Frites from the streets (in Antwerp) 384. Fresh Croissant 386. Blini 398. A good 10+ year old red wine (so good!) 404. lamb chops 405. Lind dark chocolate 408. Italian wood fired oven pizza 409. Pork goulash with dumplings, Pilsner Urquell 410. Beef in stout with dumplings, Guiness extra stout (although I'd give my Guiness to DH) 428. roast rabbit 429. BBQ chicken pizza 433. Impromptu picnic in France after exploring the local market 434. Beef carpaccio 443. salt potatoes 487. Chocolate fondant 522. sausage and mash on a cold day 568. Germknödel 579. Pasta 585. A glass of Muscat de Beaumes-de-Venise 588. Heaps of pancakes flooded in maple syrup 624. Stuffed grape leaves 642. Croissant bread pudding 657. Guacamole 738. Good Belgian beer 741. Fried plantain 748. Prosciutto di Parma 750. Nutella (this one made me chuckle, Nutella is a German chocolate nut spread) 759. An American Thangsgiving dinner 779. S'mores 780. Pears and raspberries 799. Profiteroles 813. Extra virgin olive oil 826. A bowl of onion soup, a loaf of bread and a glass of red wine 838. Fruit sorbet 853. Gazpacho 854. Tiramisu 860. Crepes 872. sharing an éclaire au chocolat with your sweetie (though not in Paris but in Southern France) 890. Banana pudding 971. a serious pecorino cheese 988. a roast chicken dinner 1005. Cantaloupe from Provence 1025. a tart, crisp, fresh, bright green Granny Smith apple 1038. Ratatouille 1048. Fresh Norwegian Shrimp caught that morning 1071. Un moelleux au chocolat 1072. Brioche 1078. Italian Antipasti 1086. a juicy apple strudel 1087. golden-brown Wiener Schnitzel 1088. Dampfnudeln with lots of hot vanilla sauce 1134. A really good made-from-scratch cake 1152. Hummus 1153. Avocado 1154. Tea 1158. Beer in Munich 1168. Octopus 1178. Sushi Nigiri 1179. Roasted red bell peppers 1183. Black Forest Gateau anywhere in Germany

- to be continued -

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