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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Whose priorities do you follow?

As many of you know I recently started working full-time. It is an exiting though time- and energyconsuming job. First let me say that I do enjoy my job. However, working outside our home does not - as I knew before - make things easier. My DH and I both agreed that I would work too until we are blessed with children. Therefore we are both away during most of the day and decided to share many home responsibilities. Now I am truly blessed to have a wonderful DH who is a great cook and does not mind household chores at all. Still I believe that taking care of our home is first and foremost my job. I am the wife. The Bible teaches us that wives are to be helpers of their husbands and keepers of the home. Now how that is spelled out in detail may look different for every couples, but this does not change the basics. For this reason it is important to me to find enough time to spend time with my DH and then to clean, cook or make our home a warm, comfortable and relaxing place. At the same time I am so thankful for the wonderful, hard-working and caring husband God gave me.

If I shared this at work, I think most people would be rather surprised at my thoughts. Working really puts you into a career-oriented place, even if you did not expect it in that particular area of work. Many people assume that of course you want to pursue a career, put all your energies into your job and hire helpers, nurses, maids etc. for the "rest". The top priorities are or at least seem to be career and self-fulfillment. It is very easy to adopt those priorities if you are surrounded by them all the time and if they are "preached" to you by your co-workers.
These priorities, however, are not God's priorities. Personally, I believe that the Bible teaches us different values. My life is first about glorifying God and enjoying Him. Then comes my relationship with my husband and my "job" as a wife. I pray that God will help me to keep His commands in my heart and my feet on His way.