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Saturday, February 09, 2008

A few of my favorite things

I'm sorry that blogging has been scarce around here for the last two weeks. I started a new job and it keeps me really busy. But I promise to keep blogging :).
Today my head feels rather empty and I don't have much to say, so I thought I'd keep my promise to Hannah and show a few of my favorite decorations around our apartment. My DH is at least as interested in decorating as I am and he comes up with the best finds. Decorating really does not have to be expensive. You just need to keep your eyes open and have a little imagination :).
So lets go on a little tour:
The piano is the newest addition to our "furniture". It is my grandma's and quite old. I am so glad to be able to play the piano again, although I'm quite out of practice.

On the piano (and on the wall next to my side of the bed) we keep old family pictures. I love family history and I love these photos. I bought some of the frames on the flea market. They are really antique and I think they set the pictures of nicely. The big silver frame however is from Ikea and one of the other from Target (I brought it from the US). This frame here (from the fleamarket) holds the place card of my great-great-grandmother on her silver wedding. The writing says "Silberbraut" which means silver bride.

This is a picture of our kitchen table. One of my favorites is the green wooden tray with the apples. We found it in an antique store and my DH gave it to me for my last birthday. We found the old glas bottle with the label on a flea market for less than a dollar.

Here is another picture of our kitchen. The old scales on the window sill were given to my DH by his aunt who did not need them anymore. We use it to hold fresh herbs or plants.

This lamp is in our hallway. DH found it on Ebay. It looks beautiful when the lights are on.